Owners and Guests save money

When you cut out the middleman then you cut out the extra commissions.When you book directly with the owner you do not have to pay any service fees and the owner does not have to pay high commissions to the large corporate multinationals (AirBnB, Booking, HomeAway, TripAdvisor etc).  Sure, they are a great way to identify your perfect villa (ideally one of ours) but once you have found the villa, then google the name and you will find our website where you can book without paying any extra fees.

Contact Directly with the Owners

We love it when guests contact us before they book to check details or make specific requests.  It's better that we tell you exactly what is possible BEFORE you book so that when you arrive everything is exactly as you expected.  The large OTA's (Online Travel Agents) discourage direct contact as they want you to book through them and not direct.  They do not have your best interest in mind.  But I can assure you, if you book direct, we will do our utmost to give you the holiday you dreamed of.  Also, in the unlikely event of something going wrong the owners are the first people you will contact and you will not have to wait in a telephone queue listening to elevator music.  Just phone us directly and we will help.

Support local businesses

In the sunny south of Gran Canaria, over 90% of the population are involved (directly or indirectly) with the tourism industry.  By booking direct and not choosing an "all-inclusive" hotel package tour, you will be helping the local community.  You can spend your money in the local shops and markets and either cook at home or head out and enjoy some of the amazing restaurants we have.  Your money then gets distributed into the local community and supports further local development where locals can start to reap the rewards and all the profits are not just going to the large corporations.

Repeat Guests always Book Direct

Luckily, we get many repeat guests and as they leave one year, they book the following year before they even hop on their flight.  The reviews we get from these guests are a great read as you will see that we keep improving our product by maintaining the villas and always upgrading and improving.  Many of our guests have suggested improvements and we have acted on many of them including a full conversion of a jacuzzi into an ensuite bathroom.