The purpose of this website is to create a direct link between the owners and guests.  We do not want or need someone stuck in the middle.  Therefore, there are quite a few ways to get in contact with us.  But when you do contact us, then it is important to give us as much detail as possible.  We would like you to feel totally confident when you book so there are NO BAD questions and believe me we have had a few strange questions :-)  Please provide basic details like name, email address, number of adults and children in your group, your preferred dates, your preferred villa and any other information that you think will help us,  

Use our basic contact form on this website to connect with us.  Please provide as much information as possible.  We will reply by email.

If you'd prefer you can send a basic email to again providing as much detail as possible. We will reply by email.

We have our own Facebook page.  We post a lot of photos (including 360 photos) here on a regular basis.  It is also a good place to see our special offers so make sure you "like" and follow us on Facebook:

Instagram seems to be where the new kids post their content.  As our target market is generally older people with kids then we are not as active here as we probably should be.  But the great news is that when you book you will have plenty of great photo opportunities to fill your own IG feed. Follow our Healthy, Happy, Helpful exploits on www.instagram/BeeH3dotcom

We have taken plenty of videos of the 3 villas and the surrounding areas including the beaches, mountains, golf course etc

On our YouTube channel you can choose a playlist to view all related videos.  But by far the best videos are our "Walkthough" videos where I walk through the villa and comment throughout the walkthrough to convince you to book.  All the time as I am doing this I am trying hard to avoid my reflection in the mirrors or glass...... it's a lot more difficult than you would think.

This is the link to our YouTube channel that was started in 2014:

In the unlikely event that you still haven't had enough information to convince you that our villas are the right choice for you, then you can look at more and more photos and videos that we have on our Google Photo Albums.  We've created an album for each villa and you can go back and look at photos from 2014 right up to today so that you can see how we have maintained and improved the villas every year.

Villa Carmela Google Photo Album

Casa Holmston Google Photo Album

The 19th Hole Google Photo Album