The history of Gran Canaria is fascinating and there are some amazing villages in the mountains that are steeped in history.  Most of the towns have a museum and it can be a fantastic day out.

Teror and Tejeda are two of my favorite towns and on weekends they regularly have farmers markets where you can mix with the locals and taste the amazing local and mostly organic produce.  The sheep cheese, olive oil and local breads are amazing.  

But it is really the stunning views that make the trip up the mountains worthwhile.  The roads can be quite difficult and there is more than 1 hair-pin bend but you will be rewarded with the most amazing scenery and views.  On clear days, you can see across the water to Tenerife.

Roque Nublo

Roque Nuble is one of the most famous landmarks on Gran Canaria and is steeped in history.  Based in Tejeda region in the centre of the island there is a small hike up to the top where the volcanic rock is located. On clear days you can see across over to Tenerife but the views of Gran Canaria itself are breathtaking. The rock itsels is 80 metres tall and is over 1800 metres above sea level.  A marvelous wonder of nature.

It is a protected area and is a place of worship for the locals so please be respectful.  

Pico de las Nieves

There is a long standing debate as to whether Pico de las Nieves or the mountain beside it (Morro de la Agujereada) is the tallest peak of Gran Canaria.... there is not much between them at all, standing over 1900 metres above sea level.  The views from both are breathtaking and the highlight of many people's trips up the mountains.  On clear days you can enjoy the fresh air with a hint of pine trees and look out over the vast volcanic space.  It is a wonder to behold.

Amazing views, fresh air and friendly locals


Teror is a lovely picturesque town in the centre of the island.  It has regular farmers markets on weekends but maintains it's local charms.  You will see locals mixing with tourists and enjoying the music and festivities.  The Canarians do not need much of an excuse to have a drink and enjoy a party.  Wander around this lovely town and you will enjoy the architecture and just how relaxes and peaceful the place is.  


Another charming town that is steeped in history.  A great place to take a stroll around town and enjoy the calmness. I love just sitting in a local cafe having a coffee and watching the world go by.  People seem to operate at a slower pace up the mountains.  I am not sure if that is because of the high altitude but it certainly appears that their laid-back attitude makes them appear to be more happy than their cousins from the city :-)