We have amazing weather here all year long and it's because we have our own micro climate.  We have the most sunshine days than anywhere else in Europe.

Situated off the west coast of Africa (Morocco), the volcanic canary islands emerge from the Atlantic to create stunning islands but also create special climates.  In Gran Canaria, the south of the island (where our villas are) gets the most sunshine.  Las Palmas, the capital city, is located in the North East of the island and although it still has average temperatures of 22 degrees, it doesn't get as much sunshine as the sunny south. 

The south of the island is built around tourism and the clientele are different depending on the time of the year.

Winter season

From October to April - mostly Scandinavian, German and British.  The Scandinavians tend to stay for long periods. 

Peak Season

Over Christmas, New Year and Easter - a wide variety of nationalities but really those that can afford high prices

Summer Season

July and August - locals and Spanish mostly but also British

Low Season

May, June and September. We offer discounted rates for these months.