Gran Canaria is renowned for it's beaches and rightly so.  There are so many options to choose from but I have listed the best and the closest beaches to our villas first.  Amadores beach regularly gets voted the best and most popular beach on the island.  They have developed it from the original volcanic sand to one of the most picturesque beaches you will ever see.

But our local Tauro beach is the rough diamond that has not been found yet.  It is still not officially open but many people use the beach anyway.  It is not developed at all but there are two excellent restaurants that serve traditional Canarian food and you have to try the garlic prawns in hot oil (gambas al ajillo).  Pio Pio and Vistamar have been operating for generations and Sunday evenings are renowned for the great atmosphere and live music as the sun sets in the background.  You will not be disappointed.  If you can sing or play an instrument you will be encouraged to join in

Amazing beaches scattered around the island but the beaches in the South are the most spectacular and popular

Amadores Beach

Amadores beach is consistently voted as the best and most popular beach on Gran Canaria.  Mostly man-made it has a crescent shape meaning that it is less effected by tides and there are few waves. This makes it very safe for swimming and perfect for the kids.  There is even a water fun park that the kids will love.  Plenty of excellent restaurants and bars it is full developed.  It is less than 5 minutes drive from our villas and there is both free and paid parking (underground).  There are sunbeds and umbrellas for hire at reasonable prices.  If you want to treat yourself then you can go the Amadores Beach Club (owned by David Silva) but make sure you have your posing down to a fine art.  You've got to be kool to hang out here :-)

Tauro Beach

Originally a rocky beach with a little volcanic sand, a few years back it was changed dramatically.  There are plenty of stories about what happened, how and why etc but it is hard to get to the real truth.  Developers wanted to build many new villas, apartments, hotels and commercial premises in the Tauro valley.  But the beach was not very attractive so they shipped in sand from Africa and now the beach looks fantastic.  But the development of the area has been stalled due to a number of factors but like most things here, it will take some time to unravel.

But in the meantime, we have an amazing beach that is totally undeveloped.  Some people would love it to stay this way.  Which camp are you in?

Puerto Rico Beach

Puerto Rico beach is a lovely beach and often overlooked.  It is set between the 2 ports in Puerto Rico and has lovely golden sand. There is a lovely cliff walkway over to Amadores beach that is really popular due to the stunning views along the coastline.  You can take the ferry from Puerto Rico to Puerto de Mogan and Friday is the most popular day there as it is market day.  Puerto Rico has very good shopping and the new Mogan Mall has opened to cater for the tourists.

Taurito Beach

Taurito beach is a little drive along the coast from Playa del Cura.  It has a water fun park and was primarily built for tourism.  Due to the water park it is really popular with families with kids.  Many of our guests spend the day in the water park but you could just stay in the villa and enjoy your private pool if you wanted to.  

Puerto de Mogan Beach

This beach is small and right beside the port.  However, there are some excellent restaurants along the promenade and it is always a nice place to stroll around.  But for the best photos you have to go to the port area.  Known as "Little Venice" the canals mix with spanish architecture and with the beautiful bourganvilla flowering all year round you have the perfect combination for some stunning Instagram photos.

Maspalomas Beach

Maspolomas beach is famous for the sand dunes.  They truly are spectacular and are now a UNESCO World Heritage site so they are now protected.  But there are plenty of walkways so you can get the best views.  Sunsets here are fantastic.  

Playa del Ingles beach

English beach as a direct translation, this beach was the first to be turned into a tourist resort and over the years has been built up to become a popular package tour destination

San Agustin Beach

Just a little north of Playa del Ingles this is a nice stretch of beach but it does get quite windy at times.  In the south west we have much better wind conditions.