Spanish law, like most laws, are changing and adapting to the times.  Over the last number of years there has been a huge increase in holiday rental villas as people started to realise they could start to make money by renting out their holiday homes when they were not using them.  On the other side, guests saw a great opportunity to stay in a luxury villa or apartment for less than the price of a small hotel room.

Basically, that started a mini war between hotels and private accommodation.

But following a supreme court verdict in December 2018, it allows private rentals but only if they meet a certain standard and also pay the relevant taxes (income tax, VAT etc)

Right from the beginning of starting our rentals (when we only had a few bookings for The 19th Hole), we have tried to be completely legitimate.  But it wasn't an easy process and the taxes can be significant but it is the red-tape and communication issues which really tested our resolve.  However, after a long struggle, I can confirm that we have all our licenses in place and we pay all our taxes.  

This will allow us the freedom to focus on developing the business and advertising in various mediums without worrying about being caught.

B11 Villa Carmela License

License number for Vivienda Vacacional:      VV-35-1-0014536

Casa Holmston License

License number for Vivienda Vacacional:     VV-35-1-0014535

The 19th Hole License

License number for Vivienda Vacacional:     VV-35-1-0014534